General Terms

  • Technical support policies shall be applied based on the agreements or their annexes that have been concluded between each of the Digital Marketplace for Information Technology or one of its trademarks and the customer/institution that owns the service, website, stores or applications.
  • Technical support operations are carried out through tickets (only) unless the customer subscribes to the dedicated or prepaid support packages that allow him to obtain technical support from various means such as WhatsApp, e-mail, office visits, etc., as the customer is handed over the ticket account upon raising The project is after approval, and the support team of a shopping company is obligated to respond to the tickets provided by the customer within one to two working days as a maximum unless the customer is notified otherwise in case requests and additions need more time at work or the presence of a third party.
  • The prices for software add-ons or services provided by the technical support team, hosting or renewals may change at any time, and the price is calculated according to the time in which the service was renewed or requested.
  • Tasawk does not guarantee any modifications, stopping or adding any prices or modifications in the policies of other service providers (the third party) or response time in resolving a problem/service request, such as shipping or payment companies, text messages, hosting companies, and companies providing add-ons. Ready-made platforms or international companies for operating systems such as Apple and Google, such as requirements and steps of work, operating fees, subscriptions, or stopping services during or after the implementation of the request, or the consequences thereof.
  • The technical support team is not responsible for filling, managing, or designing the content unless it has been clearly and specifically agreed upon through the paid technical support plans.
  • It is strictly forbidden to deal inappropriately or offend and abuse in any way to the first party or any of the members of the work team of the first party in public and non-public arenas on the Internet or other methods of communication, and in the event of violating this clause, the first party has the right to stop the product and service Immediately without the slightest compensation and without referring to the second party, and the matter is transferred to the legal affairs to protect the moral and material rights of the shopping company, and in the event of a dispute, God forbid, the competent authorities in resolving disputes are referred to, whether supervisory authorities such as the Ministry of Trade or the judicial authorities in Riyadh.
  • The terms and conditions policies are effective as of the date of publishing the terms on any platform related to a shopping company (support website/mailing letters/company website/contracts). The company reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions from time to time, and it will publish any amendment to the terms and conditions on the terms and conditions page on the technical support website, and the amendments are effective from the date of their publication.
  • By default, and for the purpose of reducing the cost as much as possible, all custom additions are provided by a third party for the high cost and time of custom development unless agreed upon or requested and clarified in the contract that these additions or custom requests are fully customized programmed technical support is provided for one year on these Additions.

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